What’s in a name?

Honor that’s what. Majesty. A supreme connection to one’s royal past…and legendary future. A name is more than a collection of pleasant sounds and letters…it’s you. All you’ve got really.

So honestly, it’s no surprise that the proletariat has continually named their pets after me. Cats and dogs alike, surprisingly (although let’s be honest…there’s no way a canine Max can really live up to the name). Doubtful? See the stats below:

Top Pet Names of 2013, Press Release from Veterinary Pet Insurance Company

Dogs Cats
1. Bella 1. Bella
2. Max 2. Max
3. Bailey 3. Chloe
4. Lucy 4. Oliver
5. Molly 5. Lucy

Yes, yes, I realize it says #2. Have no fear, it’s only because there were more female pets adopted in 2013…not sure why, but there ya go. How about in 2014 we strive to make it #1? After all, who doesn’t want to be considered THE GREATEST.


And Scene.

Ps: I really hope the “Bella” is coming from Queen Isabella I of Castile and not some preteen vampire worship. One can hope.