As a public service, I wanted to drop a quick note to remind you guys about one of my favorite things: party favors. While visiting a friend (who shall not be named) at his 7th life birthday party, I noticed that this time-honored tradition is starting to become neglected. Thanks but no thanks for the bland note and pencil dude…you can keep it. Also, is the manual can opener some kind of joke?? You know I don’t have opposable thumbs!! Rude.

Since my ancestors are of royal blood, I guess it’s only natural for me to have more social graces than some of my feline acquaintances. Because of this, I offer some suggestions below.

Party Favors I Will Accept

1) Visa Gift Cards
2) Fancy Feast
3) Handheld Lasers
4) Gold
5) HoneyBaked Ham
6) Ultra Pet Litter Pearls
7) PayPal
8) Empty Boxes
9) Warm Towels

Any other items should be approved by me or the Ultra Pet staff.

Thanks very much,