Oh #ravecats…I really did it this time. I was out until 6am repping #NEONlitter at a promotional event in another town. SIX in the MORNING!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast! There were glow sticks and litter art everywhere!! All attendees left with a gift bag and lemme tell you…those cat ladies and gents were on FIRE! Who knew cat people could dance so well????

But folks, the party is over. At least for today.

My Sunday consists of:

1) Sleep.
2) More sleep.
3) Brunch via UberEats.
4) Nap.
5) Movie via Netflix.
6) Nap Again.
7) Dinner.
8) Sleep.

I’m hoping to keep my time out of bed under an hour. Wish me luck!

See you next week,