Hello friends,

Mockery is truly the best revenge. Further, it is best delivered unedited and straight from the source’s sandpaper tongue. Lastly, it is a dish best served cold (e.g. written on my blog).

With no further introduction, I give you my five favorite quotes from P. Catso at today’s photo shoot. Enjoy.

1. Where is my blasted lighting? Who told that human he was allowed a bathroom break today?! He better be using the new litter!!

2. If I don’t get my grande chai latte in five minutes or less, you’re getting replaced by the Siamese in marketing.

3. Don’t get near my tray, I’ve heard you sneeze a lot and it may ruin my design.

4. Good heavens, this masterpiece is better than anything in the Louvre.

5. As the reigning litter visionary of the day, I must request that this new litter be caviar-scented

Thoughts? I hope it made you laugh. I would be if I didn’t have to deal with it on a professional level!!

Until next time,

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