Man oh man readers, am I fed up with reality television!! The dating drama alone is enough to send a self-respecting kitty into a tailspin!! Yet I can’t stop watching…so I must help.

Below I have listed a few common themes I see on these types of shows…and my suggestions to the poor witless humans who find themselves in these situations.

Problem #1: He or she flirts with someone else in front of you.
Solution: Use both offenders’ appendages as scratching posts.

Problem #2: Your roommate is cheating on his or her significant other.
Solution: Kick litter on them so it raises questions about their whereabouts.

Problem #3: He or she does not call you back.
Solution: Leave a message of yourself meowing the national anthem. The receiver will be terrified and will never be so rude to someone again.

Feel free to post more ideas below!

Stay classy, ya’ll!