Dear Readers,

It’s a #ravecat life for me…and you all know that as a FACT.

With that said, sometimes this party animal needs a break! I spend so much of my time under neon lights—and to be honest it’s starting to show on my face! Darn this 6th (cough: 7th) life of mine!

No more says Max! I have declared today Relaxation Wednesday. To completely decompress, I am taking all neon colors out of my wardrobe and resting up like the meditative cat above. The only color I plan to see is when I take a spin in my #NEON litter box! Everything else? Pure as the driven snow.

What about you cool cats? Do you need a day to rewind? If so, take it! Rest up! Turn off the mobile!

All the #bosscats are doing it 😀

In harmony,