Dear Hipsters,

Time to groove out your personal space! UltraPet’s new litter has hit the shelves and I could not be more proud. MY idea is fresh, hip, and oh-so-cool.
The NEON litter is a bright start to any day! Further, if bathrooms at parties weren’t weird enough, you can add a black light for a more adventurous evening trip. To keep this venture in the family, we have hired renowned feline pop culturist P. Catso to create some introductory designs. He seems like a decent guy, as far as those creative types go. I’m a money man myself, you know.

We have received some preliminary designs already and I am on board. There’s an art direction meeting tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how that goes. He requested a full tray of spicy tuna rolls and salmon nigiri. At 9am.

Here’s hoping Catso isn’t a total diva!

Instagram @neonlitter for more updates!