Dear Readers,

The fight for Hawaii continues. Now the NEON board wants me to present a plan of action for my trip, if funded. Something tells me that Mai Tais and Polynesian chicken shouldn’t top the list?

Okay, in all seriousness, I do plan to use the time for good!

In between snorkeling and sushi, I want to look into the colors of the island and how they influence various moods! I am a NEON cat after all! Here is my plan below:

1. Set up various #NEONlitter stations around the island.
2. Create litter art of hula girls, North Shore waves, humpbacks, bright flora, etc in all types of new NEON color.
3. Place conveniently beside beaches or public  restrooms.
4. Wait and see which gets used the most…and…
5. Observe if, perhaps, those beach hippie humans give it a try!!

We could be in an entirely new market folks!!

Now to pitch this to our investors…

Wish me luck!