Time to look in the mirror, friends…it’s resolution time!

Have you crazy cats sorted yours out yet? Any diet plans? Full on dog-shaming schemes? Perhaps an escape to the local national forest? Give me the deets!

As for me, I am keeping it simple this year. Curious? Read below if so!

1. No more waking my human up in the morning. Instead I will just keep him up later and indulge in his late-night snacks.
2. I will only bathe fully once a week. Time to give the dog a taste of his own medicine.
3. I will only eat out of my own bowl. No more sneaking on counters after that weird pho experience.
4. I will only hold conference calls if Krispy Kreme doughnuts are present. Sorry #NEONlitter execs.
5. I will not apologize for napping. Twelve a day keeps the doctor away.

Feel free to steal these ideas if you need a push!

Kind Regards,