Well Ravecats,

Welcome to January! It is one of those rare days in the South where the Devil’s Dandruff and Connecticut Confetti have draped our green hills! In other words…IT’S SNOWING!

Don’t get it confused though, I am not excited about this turn of events.

First of all, my wimpy office mates will surely feel like it is “unsafe” and that they will need to use a “personal day”…cry babies! This is a crucial time of the year for me and I need everyone working hard on my next cover shoot! Not that I would go into the office today…it’s cold outside and I have the wherewithal to work from home.

Second, my human is driving me nuts. Why is he still wearing pajamas and an Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie? You’re a grown man for heaven’s sake!  Also, we are low on the good food and apparently the roads are too dangerous to go to Whole Foods and pick up more sashimi.

Third, the blasted dog will not go outside to potty. This results in my human yelling at said dog and/or dog relieving itself in the kitchen. Neither result in the zen peace I was hoping for today.

Any suggestions? Are you guys experiencing winter weather? I need some best practice tips…and perhaps an escape route!

Stay toasty!