Global Pet Expo…Here we go!

As I posted yesterday, we are headed to the Global Pet Expo! Since it isn’t too far away from our home in South Carolina AND we have a ton of #NEONlitter glowing goodies, we decided to drive. As a team. In one car. Great decision, right? Ha! I’m about to lose my mind. Who knew […]

Orlando (NEON) Magic!

Hi Friends!! Wow!! What an exciting week for #NEONlitter and your loyal spokescat Max! We are so thrilled to be heading to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando this week and cannot wait to show off all of our new and exciting products…time to RAVE, cat lovers!! How do you like the table I helped […]

Caturday Calling!

Happy Caturday, #RAVECATS!!! How are you living the NEON life tonight? Reuniting with old friends? Attending a #catparty? Cracking open a jumbo can of Starkist? Sleeping in a pile of warm laundry?? Whatever the next few hours hold for you, I hope they’re filled with all the wonders of cat-dom! Don’t forget your royal seat […]

Goodbye January!

Hi Friends! What is the longest, most humdrum month of the year you ask? The one that is GONE I tell you! BYE January. See ya never! (Kidding, see you in 11 months) Anyways. We are officially on a springtime countdown…a time when I can frolic among the birds, bees, and my human’s sneezes! Yippee! […]

Corporate Cat Visit

Hello UltraCats, What a week! Today some of our #NEONlitter execs visited from the West Coast and man…it was a lot. As the CEO and Spokescat, there were a lot of expectations for me to perform. I had to be charming (not always my behavioral choice), funny (but not too sarcastic or mean), generous (this […]

Bird Day…don’t mind if I do!!

Dear Friends and Cat Family, Today is the day! The day we FEAST and profess gratitude for things we generally pay no mind. While FEASTING! And thanking…but mostly the FEAST part! Are you with me?? Now…here’s the real question…are any of you dutiful readers double-dippers? As in, multiple Thanksgiving dinners?? If so, I salute you. […]

Max Tower, Inc.

Dear Friends, The current political climate is tumultuous…to say the least. This week, I read the latest controversy involves the President Elect and his family wishing to live part-time at their home in Trump Tower. Which leads me to my next question…why the HECK do I not have my OWN tower?! After all, I am […]

Production- Day Two!

WHOO, video production is no joke! Ever heard the phrase that something is “as difficult as herding cats” before?? Well let me be the one to tell you…that statement has earned its meaning honest. Trying to get 15+ independent, moody, and self-involved felines to act on cue is no joke! Would you believe even the […]

Production- Day One!

Time for the Get Down, Ravers! The first day of the NEON Litter music video is underway and the entire NEON office is buzzing…and not just from the black lights!! We have our full cast on stage, and there is a healthy mix of authentic techno buffs and sassy feline models (gotta add in a […]