The Fun Ones: Global Pet Expo Edition

There’s one in every crowd, isn’t there #ravecats? I can tell you as one proud Bosscat to another…it sure did feel good! Look at how colorful and exciting our set-up turned out! It almost makes those hours with my coworkers in the car worth it! Almost… Anywho, what do you think? I just can’t get […]


  RAVECATS!! Who did this?!?! Which one of your tricky kitties did a snow dance and brought on this late winter weather?? I was all ready for fun in the sun (and even went in for a quick fur trim) then BOOM! Snowstorm! Ya’ll know I’m from the South right? We can’t handle this kind […]

Monday Schmonday

Feeling the Mondaze here folks!! Anyone else?? As a dedicated #ravecat, the weekends are always my fave…and the work week starts off as a DRAG! 1. I don’t like to wake up early, unless it’s to passive-aggressively annoy my human. 2. I don’t always like to wear a suit, sometimes neon spandex is what speaks […]

Fur-ocious Leader

Dear Friends and Countrymen, Happy President’s Day, eh? What a time to be alive! Any of you wishing you would’ve backed my bid, yet? That’s what I thought, cat lovers! Anyways, on this most revered of days, I would like to take a moment to recognize myself as the PRESIDENT of my company. The first […]

Goodbye January!

Hi Friends! What is the longest, most humdrum month of the year you ask? The one that is GONE I tell you! BYE January. See ya never! (Kidding, see you in 11 months) Anyways. We are officially on a springtime countdown…a time when I can frolic among the birds, bees, and my human’s sneezes! Yippee! […]

Tree Topper

Dear Humans, CATch me if you can!! It’s Christmas tree time and I have never been so stoked…this old cat still has a few good climbs in him! Every year, I say I’m going to leave these shenanigans to the younger folk…and every year I push all of the itty bitty kitties out of the […]

Thanksgiving Preparedness Seminar

Dear Readers, As a staunch defender of feline rights, I want to let you all know that I will soon be hosting a Thanksgiving Preparedness Seminar for all of my domesticated comrades. Year after year, I hear horror stories of my kitten friends going into the season unprepared…and it never fails to break my heart! […]