RAVECATS!! Who did this?!?! Which one of your tricky kitties did a snow dance and brought on this late winter weather?? I was all ready for fun in the sun (and even went in for a quick fur trim) then BOOM! Snowstorm! Ya’ll know I’m from the South right? We can’t handle this kind […]

Caturday Calling!

Happy Caturday, #RAVECATS!!! How are you living the NEON life tonight? Reuniting with old friends? Attending a #catparty? Cracking open a jumbo can of Starkist? Sleeping in a pile of warm laundry?? Whatever the next few hours hold for you, I hope they’re filled with all the wonders of cat-dom! Don’t forget your royal seat […]

Monday Schmonday

Feeling the Mondaze here folks!! Anyone else?? As a dedicated #ravecat, the weekends are always my fave…and the work week starts off as a DRAG! 1. I don’t like to wake up early, unless it’s to passive-aggressively annoy my human. 2. I don’t always like to wear a suit, sometimes neon spandex is what speaks […]

Fur-ocious Leader

Dear Friends and Countrymen, Happy President’s Day, eh? What a time to be alive! Any of you wishing you would’ve backed my bid, yet? That’s what I thought, cat lovers! Anyways, on this most revered of days, I would like to take a moment to recognize myself as the PRESIDENT of my company. The first […]

Research and Development- Part II

Dear Readers, The fight for Hawaii continues. Now the NEON board wants me to present a plan of action for my trip, if funded. Something tells me that Mai Tais and Polynesian chicken shouldn’t top the list? Okay, in all seriousness, I do plan to use the time for good! In between snorkeling and sushi, […]

New Year’s Eve, NEON Style!

Boy oh boy, Ravers… Is tonight going to be something special!! I have invited all of my favorite feline friends over and we are not holding ANYTHING back! It is officially 2017 and with it comes an entire new crop of adventures…and a few more lives for that matter! We have hired the same DJ […]

Cat in the Water! SOS!

Oh my heavens Ravecats! This morning was NO party!!! I woke up to water pouring from the upstairs ceiling and total homeowner mayhem…at least the place isn’t in my name!! The pipes burst in the laundry room? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Yet another way cats are superior…we can clean ourselves and […]

Intergalactic Concerns

Dear Readers, As mentioned earlier this week, I am beginning to get a little worried that NASA will in fact ask me to be the first cat in space. With that, I do have a few nagging fears and concerns. After speaking with my pet therapist, I have decided to write these thoughts down to […]

Fly me to the MOON

Dear Ultracats, This week continues to be ALL business. Part of our corporate team is in town and, after a day or two of copious eating, we have really gotten down to business. More so, we are digging into the FUTURE! Can YOU dig it? Let me explain: word on the street is that the […]

Corporate Cat Visit

Hello UltraCats, What a week! Today some of our #NEONlitter execs visited from the West Coast and man…it was a lot. As the CEO and Spokescat, there were a lot of expectations for me to perform. I had to be charming (not always my behavioral choice), funny (but not too sarcastic or mean), generous (this […]