Global Pet Expo…Here we go!

As I posted yesterday, we are headed to the Global Pet Expo! Since it isn’t too far away from our home in South Carolina AND we have a ton of #NEONlitter glowing goodies, we decided to drive. As a team. In one car. Great decision, right? Ha! I’m about to lose my mind. Who knew […]


  RAVECATS!! Who did this?!?! Which one of your tricky kitties did a snow dance and brought on this late winter weather?? I was all ready for fun in the sun (and even went in for a quick fur trim) then BOOM! Snowstorm! Ya’ll know I’m from the South right? We can’t handle this kind […]

Decision Day!

Dear Friends, It is here. No more pitter-pattering around the subject…Election Day 2016 is among us! Please uphold your civic duty, even if your vote is begrudgingly cast. As I mentioned last week, there is still time to write-in your first CAT president—should you be so inclined 🙂 Furthermore, it isn’t allllllll about that Commander […]