Orlando (NEON) Magic!

Hi Friends!! Wow!! What an exciting week for #NEONlitter and your loyal spokescat Max! We are so thrilled to be heading to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando this week and cannot wait to show off all of our new and exciting products…time to RAVE, cat lovers!! How do you like the table I helped […]

Caught in the Lights!

Dear Followers, Admittedly, I have been accused of fame and my CEO Cat title going to my head before…by lesser and jealous beings of course. With that said, the concept of Max “being caught up in the lights” took on a whole new meaning this evening…see photo above for a more descriptive look. I did […]

Black Friday Shopping…because we’re American

Now friends, Do not let that headline fool you…I’m not ACTUALLY going to risk the masses. For heaven’s sake, I’m almost royalty. With that said, I do plan on rolling around in hundreds of shopping bags by the end of the night! It is my human’s duty to foray into the wild, get deals, and […]