April Fools, Fool!

Don’t be a fool, #ravecats!! Leave that mess for the pups! What do you all have planned for today? Any fake mice in the bed?? A midnight false alarm?? Give me some ideas! Right now I am focusing all of my energy on terrorizing the house canine. I’m thinking of using the ole fake toy […]

Relaxation Wednesday, NEON Style!

Dear Readers, It’s a #ravecat life for me…and you all know that as a FACT. With that said, sometimes this party animal needs a break! I spend so much of my time under neon lights—and to be honest it’s starting to show on my face! Darn this 6th (cough: 7th) life of mine! No more […]

The Fun Ones: Global Pet Expo Edition

There’s one in every crowd, isn’t there #ravecats? I can tell you as one proud Bosscat to another…it sure did feel good! Look at how colorful and exciting our set-up turned out! It almost makes those hours with my coworkers in the car worth it! Almost… Anywho, what do you think? I just can’t get […]

Global Pet Expo…Here we go!

As I posted yesterday, we are headed to the Global Pet Expo! Since it isn’t too far away from our home in South Carolina AND we have a ton of #NEONlitter glowing goodies, we decided to drive. As a team. In one car. Great decision, right? Ha! I’m about to lose my mind. Who knew […]

Orlando (NEON) Magic!

Hi Friends!! Wow!! What an exciting week for #NEONlitter and your loyal spokescat Max! We are so thrilled to be heading to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando this week and cannot wait to show off all of our new and exciting products…time to RAVE, cat lovers!! How do you like the table I helped […]

St. Pat’s Cat!!

Happy St. Pat’s, Ravecats!!! Whoowee! It is one of the biggest party nights of the year and you KNOW the ravers at #NEONlitter are on board!! We have decked the office out in ONLY florescent GREEN litter! Ain’t no party like a ravecat party!! What about you guys? Any big plans? Taking a swim in […]

Max’s Hawaii List

Hi Folks, I needed a safe place to keep my packing list for my trip. I figured you all would be able to keep me accountable AND I wouldn’t be able to lose the darn slip of paper. See below: 1. NEON litter. LOTS of it. In EVERY color. 2. Litter pans. The brighter the […]

Research and Development- Part III

APPROVED!!! My trip was approved #ravecats!!!! How bow dah?!?!? I am so excited to jet out late next week and take my sunbathing and science to an entirely new level!! Do cats even tan?? Should I shear my mane?? Hm…may need to hit up the interwebs for some more details I guess! Either way, I […]

Serenade to Rave

Dear Readers, As a devoted #ravecat and NEON evangelist, I have to say that our lifestyle does not always get enough poetic credit. Sure, the pulsating beats are great for working up a sweat…but there’s a melody to it all as well! Something soothing and relaxing right? Perhaps some call it a NEON trance? To […]

Showbiz Stuff

Hello my friends! It is a happy day here at the NEON headquarters! We are continuing to work on our new video and I just LOVE days in front of the camera! What can I say…it’s where I belong! The office staff has been busy prepping the shoot, while I nibble on tuna tartare and […]