Final Four in the Home State!

Wow…what an exciting weekend, ravecats!! Not only did I participate in the #GlobalPetExpo, I also had a moment to witness my home state take home ANOTHER impressive sports title! It looks like the University of South Carolina Gamecocks made it to the Final Four!! Sheesh! Now as someone who favors big cats (cough: Clemson) over […]

Global Pet Expo…Here we go!

As I posted yesterday, we are headed to the Global Pet Expo! Since it isn’t too far away from our home in South Carolina AND we have a ton of #NEONlitter glowing goodies, we decided to drive. As a team. In one car. Great decision, right? Ha! I’m about to lose my mind. Who knew […]

Orlando (NEON) Magic!

Hi Friends!! Wow!! What an exciting week for #NEONlitter and your loyal spokescat Max! We are so thrilled to be heading to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando this week and cannot wait to show off all of our new and exciting products…time to RAVE, cat lovers!! How do you like the table I helped […]

Fur-ocious Leader

Dear Friends and Countrymen, Happy President’s Day, eh? What a time to be alive! Any of you wishing you would’ve backed my bid, yet? That’s what I thought, cat lovers! Anyways, on this most revered of days, I would like to take a moment to recognize myself as the PRESIDENT of my company. The first […]

Research and Development- Part III

APPROVED!!! My trip was approved #ravecats!!!! How bow dah?!?!? I am so excited to jet out late next week and take my sunbathing and science to an entirely new level!! Do cats even tan?? Should I shear my mane?? Hm…may need to hit up the interwebs for some more details I guess! Either way, I […]

Research and Development- Part I

Dear Followers, This week, I have been trying to convince the powers-that-be to send me on a month long sabbatical to work on R&D for NEON litter. They’re acting a little hesitant, and the pussyfooting is spearheaded by that uppity head of finance. He thinks that the company (MY company) shouldn’t foot the bill for […]

Max in the Press!

Hi Friends! As a leading mind in all things feline, I feel like it’s “pert near” time I hold a proper press conference! Whaddya think??? It seems like these are happening all around us right now, but I have yet to see one from the furry perspective! I call bullhockey! Maybe WE want to discuss […]

Caturday Vibes

Dear Friends, Today…I just, I just woke up so lazy. More than cat lazy—more like lounging orangutan lazy. You get the picture…long stretches to reach food while lesser beings walk around and pet you? Very King Louie from Jungle Book? Yea, that was me. So uncharacteristic for a CEO and bosscat of my stature! I […]

Cat in the Water! SOS!

Oh my heavens Ravecats! This morning was NO party!!! I woke up to water pouring from the upstairs ceiling and total homeowner mayhem…at least the place isn’t in my name!! The pipes burst in the laundry room? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Yet another way cats are superior…we can clean ourselves and […]

Fly me to the MOON

Dear Ultracats, This week continues to be ALL business. Part of our corporate team is in town and, after a day or two of copious eating, we have really gotten down to business. More so, we are digging into the FUTURE! Can YOU dig it? Let me explain: word on the street is that the […]