Today, whilst cruising Facebook, I noticed that a lot of my friends were taking various quizzes and laughing/joking about them…which got my head turning. If these humble citizens were enjoying questions about where they should live, whom they should date, and what type of COFFEE they might be…then they would LOVE an Ultra Cat Quiz!! Buckle up, because you’re about to have fun!

1. What are Max’s favorite words to hear?

a) Good Morning, Kitty
b) Time to wake up
c) At your service, your grace

2. Where does Max like to vacation?

a) Anywhere with his human
b) What’s a vacation?
c) Out of sight from the paparazzi

3. How many lives does Max have left?

a) It’s the life in your years, not the years in your life that count
b) Enough
c) Who cares, that’s why the heavens invented Botox

4. What is Max’s favorite nickname?

a) Sweetiepie
b) Cat
c) Maximilian the Conquerer

5. What is Max’s favorite dinner?

a) One shared with others
b) Dry cat food
c) Seared tuna on the SC coast

If you answered mostly a’s…

You clearly have me confused with Martha Stewart or your aging grandmother.

If you answered mostly b’s…

All work and no play would make Max a dull boy…never going to happen!

If you answered mostly c’s…

You’re allowed to stay in the club. Winner winner chicken dinner.