Great balls of fire, this been one interesting month. It started with the hopefulness of a silly and celebratory Groundhog’s Day, was interrupted by Valentine’s anticipation, followed by a crash course in celebrity dating, and now has ended in a bit of a truce.

Sasha obviously was not pleased with my dressing room hi-jinx. However, I do think it earned me a little respect. She has been much nicer lately and rumors of my terrible dating skills have halted. Further, the feline asked me out to coffee…and paid for my venti caramel macchiato.

We have decided to be friendly and lose the competitiveness. First on the menu, she suggested switching dressing room keys in case one of us ever forgets something. I agreed and gave her mine. Since she recently put a lock up, she said she would make a copy and give me hers sometime next week. So sweet.

Peace Love & Harmony,