Ultra Pet Silica gel cat litter

Ultra Art Crystals


Recommended safety Equipment:  Safety goggles, gloves, mask

  1. Make sure the flower petals are free from liquid or condensation.
  2. Place a 1 inch (3 cm) layer of Ultra® Art Crystals in the bottom of a clean pan with a lid.
  3. Trim the flower stems and insert them upright into the layer of Ultra® Art Crystals.
  4. While supporting the petals to keep flower shape slowly pour Ultra® Art Crystals into and over the flower until covered by a 1 inch (3 cm) layer of Ultra® Art Crystals.
  5. Place lid on container and wait 3-5 days until flower is completely dry.
  6. Once the flowers are dry, carefully pour the Ultra® Art Crystals into a flat metal pan for recharging.  Lightly shake or use a soft brush to remove any adhering crystals.
  7. Flowers are now ready to be arranged or sealed. 
  8. Recharge the Ultra® Art Crystals by baking in the oven in flat metal pan for 4 hours at 300°F (150°C).   Let cool until warm, then place into a clear container with a tight lid to maintain dryness.

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