Greetings Reading Ravers!

As you know, we just wrapped production on our new NEON Litter music video…whoohoo!

To show our gratitude to everyone involved, the NEON Litter powers-that-be hosted a lil wrap party shindig for cast and crew.

Now I’m not going to go tooooo in depth because what happens at a NEON party stays at a NEON party…but some of this is too good not to share!

Top 5 Wrap Party Moments!

1. When DJ CATSO offered to recreate an original #litterart piece for a lovely Persian that he had been eying all night…and it ended up looking like Chris Christie!

2. When the glow sticks got mistaken for chew toys. It was a neon crime scene, to say the least!

3. The moment one of the model kitties tripped on stage and fell right into a pot of Litter Art!! Thank heavens it was fresh.

4. When one particularly lazy human crew member decided to use the NEON litter instead of the Porta Potty out back.

5. When the team pulled me on stage for a final speech! I’m still salty they poured bright orange Kool-Aid over my head…but at least my speech was amazing!

Can’t wait to show you guys some of the outtakes!

Stay tuned!